Thursday, September 19, 2013

T&C Grom Surf Contest

Back in May we headed down to Waikiki to have the boys in their first surf contest.  It was a lot of fun, most of the North Shore was there so it was one big party.  Micah and Trey were in the kokua or help division where Stephen was in the water with them and could push them into the waves.  Also everyone gets a trophy at the end.  Dallen though, was in the 7-9 Boys Shortboard division.  He had to paddle himself into the waves and they had heats and finals and so on.  We were not expecting anything since Dallen has only been surfing for a few months and the level set here by kids is soooo high.  He got second though in his heat and was able to advance to the second round.  We are so proud of him!  The waves were unusually big that day and the competition was high but he charged it and did his best with no fear!  They all got a goodie bag and a lunch catered from Chilie's so no one left empty handed.
 Do you see those sets rolling in, it was big for "baby queens"
 He was red for his first heat and green for his second

 I love the look in his eyes in this photo, so determined
 I literally had to pick Micah up and carry him into the water screaming and yelling.  He caught his first wave though and was all smiles, saying how much he loves surfing.  Mommy really does know best sometimes
 He looks like the Hulk since his floatie is under his rash guard
 Having fun after his heat is over

 Ryder was an angel as usual, we brought his play pen and a pop up tent, so we could escape the sun and sand sometimes
 Dallen hearing that he got second in his heat
 Some of the groms from the kokua division, in front of the Duke Statue, look bottom right
 Trey is a natural

 Trey can paddle himself in already

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Pete Reeves said...

Those are great photos! It's so cool that your boys surf. What an amazing childhood they are having.